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After Apple-Picking by Robert Frost

There are two poems that I remember best from my highschool literature class, and which come to mind at times in life: 

  • After Apple-Picking by Robert Frost, for its amazingly tactile descriptions. I'd love to capture these smells, textures, sounds, and touches in a design, as well as the metaphor of "sleep", the season, and the labor of apple-picking.
  • A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning by John Donne, for the image of a compass compared the connection of two people when physicaly separated. This would be a fun (and possibly challenging) concept to illustrate, without drawing a compass.

But, I'll choose Robert Frost's After Apple-Picking.

Unfortunately, I'm making notes in a used textbook, and a previous user wrote their notes in ink! So, I'll write mine in green/blue and pencil. Also, my handwriting is the sloppier that doesn't focus on imagery terms :)

poem pt. 1 poem pt 2

After re-reading and sitting on my thoughts for a ouple days, I'm pretty settled on the ides of illustrating an apple – one with lots of texture, seeming worn and tired. I want the apple to represent the voice of the poem, tired of labor (perhaps tired of life). I also want illustrate a foggy frost – this should look like a confused dream. I'm also thinking of adding the ladder, partly to show the depth of the fog? Maybe not, it might be too much.


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