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Michele Washington

creative direction/branding strategy / storyteller



Afro Timeline

My thesis in grad school focused on the Afro as graphic narrative, I conducted tons of research uncovering some amazing visual examples and was able to connect them to what's being produced today in advertising and other areas of design. 

My timeline is inspired by the afro and the symbols, emphemera, iconography and visual images that have been inspired/informed by the Afro hairstyle over the past 70 years. And this is a haristyle that keeps reinventing itself. 

These are my two concepts I decided to draw upon 60s/70s style typeface for headline with brief statement. Ideally I'd like to create a colorful background. I actually prefer the Top concept, it's more playful and allows for me to use various symbols and icons developed overtime and show how the afro has been transformed over time. I can also show visual examples of magazines cover, provide some data on how the Afro changed haircare industry in the mid and late 1970s. 


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