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Lara Porter




AfrikaBurn Stickers

I am going to Afrikaburn, an arts/music/survival festival in South Africa, later this year. (Kind of like "Burning Man" in America) It is tradition to "gift" something when there and I thought it would be really cool to hand out customised stickers celebrating the event. I kept it to black and white to keep the design simple and cheap to print!


The theme this year is "X". This is why I created the big X running across the main design. I first illustrated traditional African spears to symbolise the X and then with some further brainstorming came up with the matches creating the X... this felt more contemporary and was more in line with the "burn" idea of the festival.


I then played around with various icons I felt captured the African spirit - in the end choosing the wildebeest skull (one of the "Big Five" African animals) and the sun with it's rays.


The little banner at the bottom is a cheeky reference to "Made in the USA" which we saw everywhere growing up in Africa and everyone aspired to! And the stars along the sides finish off the logo type feel of the sticker and add up to ten (the theme) as well as remind us of the night sky, alongside the African sun. The year 2016 is placed centrally but seperated equally to give balance to the circlular design.


This is the final logo. I added some distressed texture to the solid black - after watching your "Creating And Applying Textures: Design A Pennant" class. Very informative!

(Note: I started this whole project in Jon Brommet's "Pathfinder: Design & Win Custom Patches" Skillshare class)


And here are my stickers! Very happy with the result and hopefully everyone at AfrikaBurn enjoys them too!!!


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