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African Elephant

I'm just getting started- but am really enjoying the class so far.  After looking into hippos, red pandas, otters and snowy owls, I finally landed on elephants.  They have tons of interesting shapes in their faces.  

Second pass at texturing... Think it's starting to come together.  Have some good depth developing in the layers... I tested out a few raster textures, but wasn't really happy with the look I was getting.  Considering looping the design more into the background next...


Here's my first pass at layering in the colors.  Will add more detail / gradients soon... then it's on to textures.  I'd like to find some way to bring the strokes back into it, even if it's subtle.  


Alright it's been a bit, but I've finally set up my initial shapes.  They need some tweaking I think, but I'm happy with the direction it's taking so far.  Any advice on color scheme would be great!  It's my least favorite thing to try and figure out.  


Here's my sketch scanned in.  



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