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Growing. Together.

We turn your smartphone into a heartphone™

Affirmative is a goal achievement service for ambitious and generous people. Members receive real-time phone calls of encouragement and insight from other members with shared interests.


  • Emotional Network


  • Positivity
  • Connection
  • Growth


  • Easy 
  • Honest
  • Serene

Social Networks treat people like this:

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Separate islands that are connected but alone together in a virtual space. 

Affirmative, the Emotional Network, views connections among people like a Giggle Puddle: 

photo By Genevieve719

Potentially intimate and poised for high energy. A giggle puddle happens when two or more people lie down on the floor. The first person lies their head on the second person's tummy. With more people this is repeated forming a puddle or a tree-like structure. It's unusual and a bit uncomfortable at the start. Soon someone giggles and it spreads to everyone.

By speaking to a real person with a shared interest in real-time about a specific goal a connection is made, a commitment is formed and an engagement surrounds the Affirmative clients in a supportive network.

Attempts have been made to better aid us in our time-shifted, technology mediated, conversations: Like new punctuation marks to substitute tone of voice.

college humor

A better option is to use a tool specifically designed to take a person's good will and deliver it to someone who needs it most. It's built on easy to understand but increasingly less popular existing technology, the phone.

Just listen to a genuine expression of gratitude: Annabelle (recorded on the second iteration of the Affirmative network). Here is a highlight reel of other actual calls made on the network: Highlights.

It's the Power of the Human Voice that Studs Terkel talks about in his StoryCorps interview.

Affirmative is on a mission: Remind people that their smartphone is ALSO a telephone!

Affirmative has begun a connection project. It is squarely under our Branding Communications Platform. It is called "#grateful4". We are using Twitters new Vine appto record 6 second videos of people expressing gratitude for good things in their life.

It gets people thinking about things they are grateful for in their own lives by watching someone express gratitude. Gratitude Journals are an empirically proven method of improving personal well being. These six second #grateful4 videos are being used to promote the Affirmative service on our Facebook page, web site and through pandora radio.

An additional revenue stream for our company is a B2B service called Affirmative Loyalty. Our Affirmative Mentors will use their idle time to call the customers of our B2B clients. They will say thank you for your business and they may offer special incentives. Affirmative Loyalty only requires two pieces of information from the customer; a name and a phone number. Other loyalty programs require point of sale associates to gather additional information like email and address. Other loyalty programs may also require the customer to carry a special card.

Below is an example of a 4 part promotion, using the 6 second Vine app, explaining how the service may work:

#1 Janet and Bob:
Janet is sitting at a desk reading a document. Her phone rings.
Bob: "Hi Janet, this is Bob with an Affirmative Call from Bob's Bar-B-Que. I just wanted to say thank you for your business. This week's secret word is 'Pickle'."
Janet: "What? Ok. Thanks."
#2 Janet's Pickle:
Janet goes to Bob's BBQ.
Janet: "Hey, i just got a call from you guys. Thanks! But, umm, what's with the secret word, 'pickle'?"
The staff goes berserk.
#3 The Payoff:
BBQ Staff:  "Because you said the secret word, you get a dollar off your meal."
Janet: "Cool. All this from knowing the secret word."
A new customer walks in behind Janet.
#4 Pass it On:
A new customer just walked in
New Customer: "what's a secret word?" 
Janet: "Oh, the secret word is, 'pickle'."
The staff goes crazy again. 
New Customer: "Pickle?" 
And the staff goes crazy again.


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