Affinity flowers

Affinity flowers - student project


I have decided to get to know my Affinity suite better, and what better way to learn than by doing fun projects, right?. 

I really enjoyed this painting technique, it's brand new to me and I can see a lot of advantages of using it over painting directly on a raster layer. 

These are the steps for my flower, starting with the reference image on the right, to finished colored flower on the left:


Affinity flowers - image 1 - student project

6  <------------------------------------------------------------  1

1. Reference

2. Masking color away

3. Drawing Outlines

4. Painting

5. Smoothing out borders

6. Adding color


I experimented a bit with other blending modes and using gradient images:


Affinity flowers - image 2 - student project


I thought about making a pretty composition, but I want to take it slow~ one class at a time, so for now this is it :D


Thank you Isabel!

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