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Miozotis Pumarol

The Aesthetics of Desire



Aesthetics of Desire

                                               LESSON ONE:  FIND YOUR DNA


Wolf Girl. Fashion Illustration, ink on paper. ( guts brand ) c.2011

"I illustrated Wolf Girl in 2011 when I made the major move from NYC to Georgia. She represented the change of environment for me, she was different - more serene and at peace than my other illustrations I had done in the past. The wolf has been an ongoing theme in my work since then."

I  believe the love put into your craft is reflected in the product, that is where the beauty lies. The video link below was helpful and enlightening in understanding that.

The aesthetics of desire is a theme I have been working with for a few years now and I feel it describes what I do perfectly. Whether I am illustrating, sewing, making jewelry or designing clothing, I try to bring that euphoric feeling of "falling in love" to everything I create.  Seduction, to me; is a physical art that can be applied and mastered in different mediums, as shown.

Clothing designed by me for Joolay Inc. My first fashion designer job c.2006 ( skin brand )

"When I was designing for Joolay it was difficult at first to understand the older nature and tastes of my customer but once I figured it out my pieces were very successful and were selling in major department stores as well as in boutiques nationwide. The illustrative nature of designing with embroidery became another language i spoke fluently, I became very comfortable in that medium."

Cultured conscientous beauty is another term I would use to describe my style. I was born and raised in Washington Heights and was always inspired by beautiful ethnic women. Later in my career I proceeded to create 3D urban dolls emulating the style of beauty that is popular in the latin/hip hop community. They were called "My Girls" and it was my first art project I had done outside of designing clothes for private labels. At the time, I also had one of the best mentors anyone could have, he is well known photographer known as Jamil GS. His style of photography was very sensual and erotic. I gave myself permission at that point to make women the center of my work. I loved how he celebrated feminine beauty and I was very inspired by that. My first love you could say; or my "guts" brand are my fashion art & illustrations. My artistic career began when I showcased them for the first time.

My Girls, mixed media on wood 18x24 ( guts brand ) c.2008

"My first fashion art pieces were done on a whim, I found a gold bracelet in the street that had been run over by a car. I picked it up and the idea immediately came to me, I could create fashion art with 3D accesssories - making the girls I create even more real. The idea was well recieved and they were shown at multiple venues in NYC from 2008 - 2011" ( A sexy cartoon I made, NSFW )

At that same time I was creating "My Girls" I also started making and selling silk screened bodycon dresses. For my first attempt to get my art onto apprel, I didn't too bad actually...I get back into it in later in the story.

Miopuma bodycon dresses. ( guts brand ) c.2010

"My jersey dresses came about when I had people request clothing with my artwork printed. I immediately gravitated to skin tight dresses with a very sexy female illustration. It was a natural progression for girls that gravitated towards my style already."

In 2011 I started a small handmade jewelry shop. Here I kept the same feeling throughout, making my pieces feminine, pretty and seductive. Its a hobby turned small operation, and it still reflects what I've been doing all along...creating the aesthetics of desire; in any medium. I would say the jewelry line represents my "skin" brand. My designs for private label and my new fashion line ROSMIO would also fall into that category.

Popular sellers in NO.21 jewelry line by me. ( skin brand ) c.2011

"In keeping with the feminine style the Hera earrings were designed in the spirit of seduction, the long nature of them make them instantly elegant and they highlight the neck. I've gotten great reviews from buyers on this style. My Isanet bracelet was inspired by the jewelry young hispanic children wear to ward off the evil eye; its called an Azabache. An ode to my latin culture. ( Pictured below )."

I got back into making my own handmade apparel in 2012 and am still actively making them.

miopuma apparel; skirts, dresses and tops by me. ( guts brand ) 

"I just love making things so I continue to print, dye, sew, stencil and create beautiful things everyday."

At the moment I am working on a skin brand project that is inspired by my experience working as a fashion designer for private labels. All my typical elements are being included in this collection, as embroidery design is similar to jewelry design; I illustrate the beading patterns - all the while incorporating the one thing that keeps my work consistent ( the allure ) and identifies it as mine.

new! ROSMIO ( skin brand )                          Design/Styling by me. c.2010

"Drawing from my experience designing high end embroidered garments I have launched my own line this year. The festive spirits of India and the Dominican Republic are celebrated in this exotic collection."

In conclusion, I would say I have an understanding now of the skin and guts brands as they relate to one another. My guts brand would be all the art and clothing I make by hand; whether by canvas, silk screen, sewing, dyeing; etc. My skin brands would be identified by their names and mediums; which most likely don't include my given name. Such as the Rosmio line and NO. 21 Jewelry. Though they still carry the aesthetic values of my personal style, they are inherently different.

Mermaid Dreams II Illustration, ink on paper by me ( guts brand ) c.2009

I created the series Mermaid Dreams as ode to my favorite artistic style; art nouveaul.


                                                     LESSON TWO: POP CULTURE

George Michael Music Video Too Funky c.1992

There is a primal reaction to desire; a need to get closer. An embedded curiosity that is sparked with a glance or the slightest hint of perfume or cologne. My brand bottles that exact sentiment. A certain of level of badass is required to understand and apply that kind of magnetism to your work. I credit growing up in NYC for that. My pop culture quote is relevant to my brand because pertains to what is desireable; a sudden eagerness to know more, to get close. The implied interest to the allure is what drives me. The art of attracting is ingrained in my artistic process, it's my business commandment. The aforementioned music video is one of my earliest memories of feeling seduced by something I was seeing. It marked me.

Marie, Acrylic on Canvas c.2012

I have always loved to draw but i have been experimenting more lately with canvas. I still incorporate  jewelry when possible. This is a portrait of a young fashion model, whose doe eyed stare is the epitomy of feminine allure."


                                        LESSON THREE: MNEMONIC DEVICE

This collage of my work encompasses the brand perfectly. The Allure of the feminine.

As a formally trained fashion designer I know the purpose of dress is to attract the opposite (or same, depending on your orientation) sex. This is the unconscious principle I use when I am creating. A seductive dance that presents itself as a craft. The art of feminine allure is my mnemonic device. Its always been there; just like an instinct - but i never saw it so clear and defined until now. Thank you Marc!

Alexandre Cabanel - The Birth of Venus 1863


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