Aeropress 'n' 'nola

Aeropress 'n' 'nola - student project

Tried a few different set ups and edits with this one. Started off with a more boring mug and quickly switched to a more interesting, ceramic one.

The Aeropress was tough. Initially I thought about laying it on its side, but it felt totally unnatural—you would never do that with an Aeropress. So I decided to simulate an action shot of lifting it off the mug and that felt like it came out better.

I liked the wood table top initially because it felt more natural, but as I was editing, I also loved the black/white contrast of my enamel dining table. The light wasn't as good there, but I jacked up the brightness and I think it turned out ok. Played around with some of the lens blur for a couple of these.

I've never used Snapseed before, but I like it a lot more than Instagram's tools; it was pretty easy to pick up quickly, and there's a ton more to play with!

Aeropress 'n' 'nola - image 1 - student projectAeropress 'n' 'nola - image 2 - student projectAeropress 'n' 'nola - image 3 - student project

Ethan Mantel

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