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Aerial Dancers

I have chosen to focus on aerial dancers for my project. Since I'm terribly procrastinate-y, and couldn't decide on a new subject matter, this is a subject I've been working with for a while now but I'm rather stuck and use some fresh perspective. I'm also working on an illustration of an aerialist to be used as a marketing image for an aerial dance company a friend of mine is putting together.

I would like to focus on the grace of the female subject but even more on a very powerful portrait of her. The themes I'm thinking of focusing on are either a single figure and thinking of playing with what is up and what is down, or on two figures and focus on that duality/symmetry that they may convey. 

My pinterest board here is my reference board:

Here are my sketches: 

I've also considered just continuing with the illustration for the aerial company that I've been working on:

I've got this one in Photoshop and am working on color, but I can't get it where I like it and am feeling quite stuck.

Thanks everyone!


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