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Francesca Anderson

Anthropologist/Actor/Model/Burgeoning Designer



Aefhims Sisterhood

Hey all! As hard as I tried, I just couldn't come up with a convincing family crest. We're all Andersons, but my parents are divorced - all friendly as hell, just not cohesive, and with lots of step family!

Instead of excluding family members or weighing it one way or the other, I went with my second family: my 6 best friends from childhood. We've been friends for over 20 years, and we all still get in touch every week, at least. 

We all grew up in Maine (lobster, anyone?!), have been going to Bagel Central in Bangor since forever (it's our main social event), and since we all went our own ways for college in 2006 all 7 of us have been wearing a silver band with our initials inside.

We kind of love each other. 

Here are some initial sketches! (If anyone can actually read my writing, you're insane, and my handwriting soul mate.)




From there, I played and tinkered for what seemed forever. I played with a wave motif for the background for the Atlantic Ocean, but didn't have the design chops to make it work....THIS time. I liked the shape of this crest because it looked like an acorn, which echoes the woodsiness of Maine. The pine trees just weren't working as laurel for me, so I replaced it with something that resonates much more with the 7 of us - bagels, of course. 

AEFHIMS are our first initals spelled together, and what appears on the rings.

"Neekers Forever" is a secret.


This class was some serious fun - as a beginning designer myself, Aaron really motivated me to take a chill pill, go nuts, and think of things as simple little tasks. Thanks for a great class! I can't wait to get this crest on tote bags for the girls!



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