Advnetures in low light photography

I really enjoyed this class and look forward to more opportunities to use the things I learned, hopefully at a concert. Here are some photos I have taken in low light/night.  I would garner some constructive criticism so I can improve.  Taking pictures at night is sort of a passion of mine, its so much more moody and interesting.  And I would really like to get better at it rather than just getting lucky most of the time ;-)


This is fireworks display from last year at the beach


This is a group of my friends from the same trip having a bonfire on the beach


This is a photo I caught (read got very lucky) of heat lightning while hunting for lightning bugs.


Here are the lightning bugs I was searching for.


This is a picture that I took of the northern lights in Iceland recently.  It was a challenge because of the weather (freezing cold plus wind) and the snow, I tried to keep the iso as low as possible (800) to keep the noise down and just went for the biggest aperture (f4, 10-24mm nikon lens) and a long exposure (30 seconds) and I think it turned out ok



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