Advice from the I Ching on planning a summer backpacking trip

The hexagram given was 62, Preponderance of the Small. I was comtmeplating doing a hard off trail loop, but after reading this advice, a smaller simpler trip seems to be in order. The I Ching implies that no great feats should be attempted, that the strength is not present, and I should stay in waiting and frugality.

Perseverance furthers.
Small things may be done; great things should not be done.
The flying bird brings the message:
It is not well to strive upward,
It is well to remain below.
Great good fortune

The first 4 lines were moving, leading to Hexagram 19
Lin - Approach:

The earth above the lake:
The image of APPROACH.
Thus the superior man is inexhaustible
In his will to teach,
And without limits
In his tolerance and protection of the people.

I read this all as a warning to take caution and take it easy on any hike, that there are things ahead that I do not want to jepodize by trying to fly to high, that I should keep my head down and wait.


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