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Advice from The Matches

Nov. 19:

When I discovered The Matches in high school (RIP awesome Fuse), I was hooked. Their album called Decomposer was so diverse and I loved the creativity, cynicalism, and puns. From a song called "Little Maggots" came the lyric "May your organs fail before your dreams fail you." A close second was Minus the Bear's "On the waves that kiss our feet" from the song "Pachuca Sunrise," which is the first song I ever heard by them when I was 16. 

Though the lyric seems gorey, it has a very positive message. Don't give up on your dreams, plans, and aspirations; not now, not ever! I've always erred on the darker, whimsical side of things. I love stuff Tim Burton does and anything of the like. Between Mirrors is a fabulous Facebook page that shares darker, yet whimsical art that I pull a lot of ideas from. This fits in with my personality perfectly. 

Besides, if you don't like zombie-awesome related stuff, what can you like?! 

UPDATE: Nov. 21

I created my inspiration board using some of the words I jotted down, as well a few fonts that I liked. I inculded the album cover that the song "Little Maggots" is on. I also looked up some vintage ads that have some awesome lettering. I tried to stay creepy/gorey, but I really like the font on the bottom left since it's gnarled and has a Tim Burton flair... Think Nightmare Before Christmas. 

This is my list and a couple ideas I sketched out while jotting down some words.... and my dog Opie added her own flurish of crinkled paper. More to come!


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