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Adventuring witch

Books and leather and bags and biscuits - all the adventuring hero-witch needs to get through the day.

I ticked the resulting thumbs that I liked but a couple of them aren't right for *this* project as i wanted to get someone more easy going than assertive, more youthful than mature and more studious than just sheer powerful.

I LOVE the third... but it's too tricky for me I think... I'm leaning toward the 1st as it has nice neg space and the face is already interesting me... The third WILL happen, probably by moving it to less front on ala the top internet grabbed pose as she needs no support on her back to sit up... the only adapted broomstick being a plinth for her books on the second broom, but prb not *this* project.

Did 3 and combined the best bits into a 4th... pure coinicidence but it reflects Charlie's approach nicely :)
I'm very much of a mind to take the details into this at the end game, still focussing on the general pose and feel.



? Better I think?


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