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Adventuring With Kids

I explore nature with my kids. There are 4 of them, ranging in age from 2 -9.

Admittedly, hiking, exploring, and adventuring with 4 young kids has its limitations.

There are certain locations that are not accessible or advisable when I have my littles in tow.

Also, I can't become lost in my photo taking because my 2 year old is sure to take that opportunity to scale a cliff and try to plunge to his demise.

These things add an element of challenge.

But I embrace the challenges because these are my traveling partners, and one of the best gifts I hope to pass onto them is a spirit of adventure.

I also hope to document our adventures in the most beautiful way possible.

I'm excited to get started!

As we get out on an adventure at least once a week, I am going to use new photos and focus on improving my composition and editing.

If you care to see my instagram feed, you can find it here:


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