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Adventuretime Handwritten Quote

I'm a webdesigner who is looking to reconnect with her sketching roots.

Quote Selection

Ah what a hard first task. I started first in the realm of literary. I wanted to do something along the lines of the Little Prince. I then started veering into plays, and then into children's books. I almost went in the direction of Winnie the Pooh, then I was reminded of Adventuretime. It is a short cartoon show chronicling the journey of Finn the Human and Jake the Magical Dog in the realm of Oo. It's a wonderful cartoon filled with vibrant imagery (hello Candy Kingdom!) and odd characters. I chose to use a quote by Finn about Lumpy Space Princess, an obnoxious but lovable purple blob with a Valley Girl accent. 

"You're beautiful on the inside. Like you brains and stuff."

I think there is a lot of fun imagery to play off of from the quote, as well as the context of Adventuretime. It's a big lengthy, but I plan on treating the connecter words visually similar.

Word Map

I decided my best bet was to rewatch the episode and write down some of the cues from it:

Visual Style

I started by just pulling some intersting Adventuretime fan art. I then started working of my list of words. I found a children's app called Toca Doctor that had this 50s vintage flat illsutration with really bubblegum coloring. I really want to push for this style. I then started pulling some flourish-y type scripts for the beautiful segment. I wanted to get some blockier parts for the awkward of part of the phrase. I like the idea of having some parts rougher and unfinished and others very polished and "beautiful":

Warm Up Exercise One

Now the meat of the project! It was nice to draw all over some paper after staring at code all day. Boy am I rusty! I tried a few varieties of the word "brain". I'm not very happy with any of what turned out really. I did have the most fun doing the script work on the "B" in the top left. I think I will play a lot with the curvy, fluid type. I'd love to have it all fit together like a puzzle. At first the blackletter seemed silly, but it reminded me to make consistant lines, like a calligraphy pen would do. 

Overallm it shook off some cobwebs and got me in the mindset to really get down to business! I am pretty tired, I kinda stopped trying towards the end :/

Also a couple notes/ideas: The main character wears a bunny hat so I may have that be the main container for the quote. The other chracter has a star on her so I'm going to try to incorporate some stars.


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