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Angi Pauly

Visual Development artist / Brand owner



Adventure's market

My biz is: A simple fashion line 

It sells: apparel that is comfortable,fashionable,and fun. 

To: gamers, fans of rpg games, girls who want lovely clothing that is comfortable simple and with a touch of uniqueness.

I do this because: I love designing. It makes me happy to create. I want to give my customers, specially girls, fashion items that look cute and flattering in any body type , even if you just ate a lot.

It benefits others by:

- Provinding very comfortable garments that you will want to wear over and over again.

-Creating a bussiness output for my animation carreer in something other than animation prodcution.

- Putting money in my pocket and, consequently, food on the table for my family! 


EXTRA: Another point to think about is what problem does your business solve and how your company solves for it. 

A hypothetical example is: 

Biz problem: most afordable bueatiful clothing is uncomfortable and doesnot fit everyone .

My company's solution: create simple garments with fun print design that are soft , comfortable,and durable.

- Effective tones when speaking to customers :

Offer understanding but simple custom design options. Create a simple menu where the customer can choose from and add a small note.

always let the customer know when the orders will be late, or early.

Use the tone of a firendly RPG shop owner.

- Website designs that work 

Simple big cartel or storeenvy design that includes customer gallery,

several photos of the products,

product dimensions,

product photos with diferent models to show thw fit in diferent types of bodies.

Animated pop ups if possible.


- Ways to stay in touch with customers 

Ocasional giveaways and contests.

Change the topic ocacionally : magical girls, dragons,summer magic,dark magic for halloween, etc.

offer gift wrap for low prices.

- Extra bonsues other companies offer 

discounts whcih would be very har dfor me to offer at the beggining

lower prices, but I can't manufacture cheaply because the options available are limited, maufature in my country is very expensive

free shipping, I can't offer free shipping at the begginign beause I have no idea of how it works.

- How to structure your offering 

make people  find the adventure and comfort in my products. they are fun and unique, I could do a short film to advertise :).

- FAQs that will be asked of your product (because peeps are asking about it for similar products!) 

-what is your return policy?

We have a no return policy, each product is inspected and cared for and we guarantee the good quality of our garments and accesories.

- how should I care for my tshirt-dress-scarf-jacket-bag?

provide answers to all of them indiviadually + we include cara insturcions in each pack :)

-How are your garments produced?

I produce all of my garments in Costa Rica, all of them are handmade.

-How long will international orders take?

they can take from 5 to 15 days via certified mail.

- Best things to put in sales deck 

- magic bag

-badge embriodered patches


- Holes you have in your biz that need to get filled


1. Product/service is magical in the eyes of your customer

2. Product/service is needed 

3. Customer service is awesome & you/your staff are likeable - so is your brand

4. Unique opportunity - are you the only one who can offer it? Don't be a commodity. 

Yes, because the designa are unique to my style and sense of humour.

Remember, bonus points if you use the power of scarcity. People are smart so only use if you can legitimately explain why there's a limited supply or they have to "act now"  


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