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Holly Dunning




Adventures in lefty lettering

I've taken a hand-lettering workshop in person with Molly and was so excited to try calligraphy. She makes it look so effortless!

I started out with the basics then dove into letters and a few words. I've found the most challenging part is inking and being patient that the ink won't last for very many letters. I'm also having trouble inking too much so that when your nib touches the letter again (for example: a 'n' or 't') it smears the extra ink a bit. So if you have any tips on inking, please share!!

'b's 'k's and 'p's are really hard for me!  Also I am using the gilliot 303 and 304 nibs and really like them! The Nikko G nib was backordered (probably due to the popularity of this class :), so am excited to try it when it arrives.


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