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Jacqueline Moliner

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Adventures in Milkshake Land

So I came up with this werid idea while sipping a cup of coffee at starbucks. 

I was imagining a world made out of milkshakes, whipped creame and cookie bisquits. The characters below are girls that each represent a milkshake flavor. The middle girl with the poofy hair represents strawberry, the girl hovering above represents Orange cream, while the girl in the back, represents French Vanilla.

See image below: 

In the rough sketch shown above, I have the girls interacting with one another while enjoying the weather. In the background, I illustrated the sun as a cookie bisquit. I'm going to see how that turns out when I execute it digtally.

Also here are sketches of the characters I have so far. I may include a couple more later on. 

Comments are always welcome! 


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