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Adventures in Left Handed Calligraphy

oh boy, this is challenging...

I had a few missteps using the wrong nib that I bought from my local art store to use until the suggested items that I ordered online arrived...

I am embarassed to show these, but its true to life of the beginning of trying something new:

then my new nib arrived and I suddenly realized that the pen actually did all the work!  I did't have to try so hard to create thick and thin lines...

and then I wrote this "a" and it was like the Heaven's opened up!  I LOVE this "a".  This "a" gave me the boost of confidence I needed.  I can do this!

and so I gave the lowercase alphabet a shot... (ugh, that h i j k combo is so sad)

and lastly, I tried uppercase.  I must admit, I felt terrified to try this...but it was so fun! 

My challenge is that I concentrate so hard on not dragging my hand across the letters I just wrote, but still have a loose enough hand to write freely and not so uptight. 

I am going to keep at it, it is so much fun!

ok, I just started tracing the letters and its so great!!  I love it.

I just keep practicing and noticing that it is getting better and better!  This is my first free hand phrase...


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