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Adventures in Hand Lettering -- WIP

I've always wanted to get into hand-lettering but every time I sat down and tried to sketch letters or even copy other people's attempts, the results were laughable at best. Starting this project was difficult-- I wanted to do something that I felt was a bit out of my league and something I wouldn't do if I just sat down and thought it out. I chalked up a few of my favourite quotes to get started:

  • death before decaf
  • adventure is out there
  • planet earth is blue and there's nothing i can do
  • work hard stay humble
  • if not now then when
  • you gotta try a little harder, you're the comeback kid

After seeing Sleigh Bells in concert, I decided to go with the last one, "You gotta try a little harder / You're the comeback kid". Brainstorming my inspirational words was a bit challenging. This phrase doesn't necessary lend itself to telling a story or referencing anything in particular, so I decided to call upon the band's asthetic to get me started. Here's a list of the words I felt were important to this phrase:

  • bold
  • script
  • street
  • urban
  • grunge
  • masucline
  • graffiti
  • angled
  • city
  • determination
  • edgy

Armed with these words, I went to Pinterested and plunked in hand lettering and tried to find something along the lines of my weak little list of inspiration. I was able to narrow my idea down to a bold, masculine script with a little bit of a street look. I'm thinking of bold white text on top of a grayscale wood texture for the end result. Here's some of the pieces I put in my Pinterest mood board:


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