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Adventures in Experitmental Watercolor w/ Digital Enhancements

I would like to start off by saying that I LOVED this project so much. The techniques were all new to me, yet I found them to be intuitive and very relaxing. Thank you, Ana Victoria, for sharing your fun and beautiful techniques with us!

Supplies I used:

• Sennilier pan set (24 color set)

• Pentalic watercolor fieldbook (spiral bound) 7" x 10"

• Canson cold press watercolor paper 9" x 12"

• Grace Art practice watercolor brush set

• Morton corse kosher salt

• Bic HB #2 mechanical pencil w/ eraser

• Faber-Castell PITT black artist pen 

• Craft Smart paint pens in silver, white, and gold

• iPhone 6 plus

• Epson WP-4530 scanner

• Adobe Photoshop*

• Wacom Cintiq

*Just a note that I did enhance the colors of some of these process photos in Photoshop a tad, which is why they look extra bright in some cases. That said, I chose to enhance these because we all know photos can look more dull (especiallly from a phone) and do not accurately reflect true colors. I do feel that these enchanced colors you are seeing represent Sennilier's vibrant colors.



I need to work on my gradients and transparencies more, and I promise to practice! :)


I began to experiment more with adding simple geometric shapes and doodles on top of my dried practice paint. In the photo adove I used gold and silver Craft Smart paint pens. 

The planet excercise was my favorite!! So much fun to explore the different looks you can acheive with such simplicity. I didn't have any bleach or India ink... so I just stuck with water, paint and salt. I used solid black watercolor paint for some of the darker areas.



Ana posted a photo on her instagram of some recent watercolor circles she turned into holiday ornaments. I thought that was so cute and festive - so I tried it out on the planet exercise orbs after they were dry. I used paint pens and black artist pens to add detail. Below you can see how some of the planet shapes turn into ornaments. Mine are a little wonky in shape, so I'll need to practice getting a tighter circle. Thanks for the inspiration, Ana!



I wasn't super psyched how my jellyfish project turned out, but it was still really fun to do. Next time I would try a finer brush for the tentacles, and I would definitely force myself to let the paint fully dry before adding detail. As you can see, the tentacle detail gets lost on the inside of the jelly caps because I didn't let it completely dry.


For the galaxy project, I took a bit of a different route. I created the galaxy background, but have not yet added any stars, constellations or shapes. I didn't have any white ink or paint, and I didn't think the white paint pen would do the trick as well. Once I get some white ink or paint, I will definitely revisit the galaxy and add detail :)

Below is what I did istead: 


I painted these elephant silhouettes (sketched them loosely on the paper first), then scanned them and brought them into Photoshop. I enhanced the colors for more saturation and contrast, removed the paper background, and added detail on top of the elephants with a Photoshop brush. I use a Wacom Cintiq for digital illustrations, and I thought this project would be a fun use for that. I added some simple color backgrounds, and just had a ton of fun giving purpose to these elephants with a bit of detail :)



Lastly, using the background I painted in the galaxy project, I created a couple more animal designs. I used layer masks in Photoshop to overlay the background onto shapes (for example: the butterflies, giraffe, etc). In the giraffe heart design, I painted and scanned a galaxy heart to use as the base. I also painted and scanned the lettering, small hearst, and floral elements. The end!



Again, thank you so much Ana for sharing your style and techniques. I truly enjoyed this class and will definitely be reccommending it to others!!!


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