Adventures in Eating

Final Project

In the spirit of december this past seekend I made chocolate peppermint cupcakes. They turned out super delicious and fun to photograph. I used more props and i think the lighting was good that day. I do know that I need an SLR cam era as opposed to my little cannon point and shoot.

My cover photo, the fourth photo, is the one I like the best and can be judged but i would like feedback on all the photos even the previous ones.

This class was a lot of fun and I learned so much. I love food and I love food photography and will be pursuing it more!

Here are my final pictures. Thanks for everything!

What I Learned in Week One 11/30

After watching the first lecture I took these photos. The product (bell pepper) and what I made with it for breakfast and lunch. Feedback would be greatly appretiated!

In the next week I am going to try and work more with props. I tried with the bell pepper picture.

Fresh cut bell pepper from two angles

Egg cheese bell pepper and salsa breakfast burrito

Simple crisp salad

Red Food 11/29

These were taken before watching the lesson on Monday evening. I took quite a few photos of this mini Thanksgiving dinner and decided to show you these three. Pretty much the same lighting just a few different angles. There are more to come based on what I have learned.

Turkey with stuffing and cinammon cranberry apple sauce :)

My personal favorite/best.

I love entire meals and I now see that maybe I could have set it up a little different and of course the lighting is everything as we have learned but it is difficult for a lot of us to shoot during the little daylight we have.


Preview 11/25

It all started with this photo January 1st 2011.

The sandwhich looked so good I had to capture it, with my camera phone of course.

I had to get every element and from then on I started a year in food and took a picture of what I ate everyday for a year!

Yes I missed a few but I had fun doing it. I still take photos of  food that I make or eat elsewhere that just makes me go...OMG!

I am a baker and am constantantly baking cupcakes. Its sort of my thing. But I love cooking and baking anything that makes my mouth water.

Below I posted a few photos I have taken in the past as a preview.

Although they are not the best in terms of lighting or clairity I really like how they turned out and I am reminded of the sensations I had while eating them!

As you can imagine with a year in food I had alot to choose from I originally posted 18 but pick 6 that I thought were the best and will share the others some other time.

I am interested in learning more about plateing and styling as well as capturing a shot that shows many elements of the food. I like to play with angles and proportions as well.

The Habit Cheeseburger

Homemade Chocolate Pecan Pie

Jinky's Red Velvet Pancakes

Homemade Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Homemade Apple Nachos

Homemade Baked Potatos Grilled Cheese


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