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Adventures from South of the Clouds

PARATIME! (paradigm-time! get it?)



Even though a few comments that prefer the second idea, I decided to go with the first one. It's more dramatic and has more elements I can play with. Still, I really appreciate all your comments and crits! So onto the research!

Photos of squirt guns, squirt gun fights, and water festivals:

Reference images for camera angles and composition:

Because I'm trying to exaggerate the story into a war-like situation, I looked up battles, gun fights, western flicks, Mexican stand offs, etc. This will be a fairly action packed scene, so lots of dutch angles and diagonal compositions will be used.

I plan to begin the sequence with the preparation for battle, using lots of close ups. I'm taking inspiration from the title sequence of Dexter.

Again, all comments/crits are welcome!

--------------------dividing line of awesomeness--------------------

Here are my 3, all of them are from a recent 2-month trip I took to Yunnan, China. 

1. How the Water Splashing Festival turned out to be a war.

My friends and I were in Xishuangbanna, the tropical region in the southern part of Yunnan Province, bordering Laos. We were there for the annual Water Splashing Festival. The region is inhabited by the Dai ethnicity, a group closely related to Thai people, and the festival is celebrated on the third day of their new year, which takes place in April. The festival turned out to be a violent warfare fought with water. The city, which normally looked like any other third-tier town in China, turned out to be designed especially for this day. There was water spilling out every hundred meters, from what would normally be disguised as sculptures or road side blocks. Everyone walked around with squirt guns and buckets, ready to attack. By everyone I meant EVERYONE, grandmas, little kids, middle aged men who looked like school teachers or businessmen. It was a day when people left behind who they were supposed to be and just went out to have some reckless fun. My group of friends formed an alliance and we were prepared for the day. But we weren't prepared enough. Our ammu was down and our defense was weak. Worst of all, we realized that we became walking targets because we were the only group with foreigners.

2. How we ended up with 4 hats, for free.

The day before the Water Splashing Festival, my friends and I went out to buy hats, thinking it could block some water during festival. We stopped at one street vendor and tried on some hats, but the vendor didn't have a mirror. He mentioned something about people kept walking off with his mirror, and he handed us his camera phone so we could take photos of us and look at it that way. We thought the hats were too expensive and couldn't bargain him down, so we moved on. It wasn't till a few blocks later that one of my friends reached into her pocket, and realized she still had the hat vendor's phone. The vendor was so touched that we returned his phone that he gave us hats for free, claiming that we restored his faith in humanity.

3. How my foot was unnecessarily injured 3 times. Same foot, and twice at the same place.

During part of the trip I was with a documentary production team. We were on scooters scouting filming locations one day, and I had the bright idea of making my friend teach me how to ride the scooter on the country road. It didn't end pretty. I fell off and the scooter ended up on my foot, almost crushing it. a week later, we were back at the same area. We finished a day's shooting and were ready to leave. I was on the car but thought I couldn't find my phone. I jumped off the car looking for my phone on the seat, without the driver knowing. And the car drove over my foot. Both of these incidents happened near a local bridge, and my friends began to call it "the bridge of doom". Luckily I didn't break any bones and only ended up with bruises both times. We were pretty deep in the mountains so there wasn't much we could do. And now 3 months later I'm still having pain occasionally. The last time was a few days ago. I slipped in my front yard and stepped into a rose bush. I'm just amazed that my foot is still attached and didn't just give up on me and hop off on its own looking for a better owner.

So, which one?


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