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Adventure with Watercolor


Pentel tube watercolors used for all...

1st technique

My happy accident...such lovely water marks as watercolor flows! 

Red purple and ultramarine 


2nd color combos  and 3rd salt (same image above) - purple and sky blue used

Happy accident - new beautiful combinations as colors mingle and run.

Love the fluffy technique! Happy accident - rich texture created by lightly salted area. 


4th cling wrap....Prussian Blue and Chrome Yellow

happy accident - a forest with wonderful texture has appeared!


5th splattering and 6th lifting....

Splatters are fun and charming in their imperfection! Red Purple and Ultramarine

happy accident with lifting- flowers beginning to form and maybe even animal shapes! I really like the dry brush method and Prussian Blue color.


7th Creating by destroying technique...

scanned a section from the watercolor to make a digital seamless pattern tile. 

A beautiful way to add color and texture to typography and logos!!


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