Adventure with Mae

Hey you, I'm Mae! :D

I'm passionate about self discovery, self love, food, travel and anything awesome I stumble upon along the way of these adventures. My life adventures are on a scale of brunch with my best friend at my favorite restaurant after the farmers market - to - hiking a volcano alone in Bali in the middle of the night to watch the sunrise. I do cool things and I love my life. I want to share and inspire people to live their lives out of their comfort zone... I just need to permanently live outside of my comfort zone to do this? I guess my product is self discovery and self love through my experiences? 


How do I gage my audience? Should I go follow likers on similar accounts as you mentioned? 

Is this a good enough 'product' to be selling and hopefully making money from? My adventures.

What products do I want to promote? How do I gage the companies I want to attract? 

Do I ask them to partner with me?

Things I have interests in are like Thrive Market, Audible, Skillshare, Air Bnb or journaling and meditating! These aren't necessarily products.


Have an online presence, be featured, promote products I honestly believe in and use my profile to get modeling and acting gigs as well (acting is another passion). I want people to feel excited and inspired to live their life to the fullest and do what they love when they see my feed. 

I have fun connecting with the instagram community so I'm naturally gaining a small amount of traction with outbound engagement.

Next steps: 1) Quality content 2) Create a bio 3) Post every other day at least! 4) Stop Fearing what the world thinks about my passion projects(:


Thanks for reading!