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David Frazier

Visual Artist



Adventure is Out There

I've been sitting on this class for months.  I watched some of the videos and little techniques have helped with random projects I've worked on.  At first I struggled to come up with a quote to letter, but I finally feel like I have arrived at something good.

I will be lettering a quote from the movie "Up".

"Adventure is out there!"

I'm trying to capture the adventure of a childs imagination while maintaining simplicity in design.  I hope I can do it justice.  One of my ideas is to have the phrase centered in an over-exagerated rocket ship with space in the background.  Another is to surround the phrase with the twisting and turning flight path of a paper airplane...maybe that's too much Disney.

I've been working on this during my vacation and all I've had is a sketchpad and a pen (pencil sure would have been helpful!) so some of my sketches are ROUGH.  Here are some of the first steps.

I welcome any and all criticism as I journey through this project!



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