Adventure in Turtleland | Skillshare Projects

Adventure in Turtleland

This course was a great oportunity to put some color on one of my black and white sketches. 

This concept is about girl and her mechanical turtle. She is exploring some kind of island or tropical country riding on her four wheel drive turtle. She is on a rocky cliff next to the ocean, looking as if she had found something or was trying to get somewhere. Meanwhile a frigate bird is looking at the couple without knowing what to do.

The drawing had some evolution after my first sketch because I wanted to create a background to give additional depth to the scene and add some sense of scale. So it seemed like an insteresting idea to include a volcano on the back, This also helped me to give the girl a reason for her to be wondering around out there with her mechanical pet.

So I created two different moods for this scene:

Walk through the beach mood:

Armageddon mood:

Personally I like better the second one.

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