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Adventure in NE Minneapolis

As a highschool student its hard to find balance between school and creative activities. Fortunatly, my school is only several miles away from downtown Minneapolis and even closer to several trendy neighborhoods.

Last week a couple friends and I had a free period and decided to go adventure around North East Minneapolis, more specifically the broadway building which has some unique interor design and architecture; a perfect oportunity for some spur of the moment mobile photography. 

Our first stop was Spyhouse Coffee; a super trendy and delecious coffe shop which also served as our enterance to the rest of the building. Their interor design is incredible, so I asked my buddy Noah to pose for me; much to his chagrin. The light afternoon light shinning through the windows provided some intersting highlights to enhance the varied backdrop.

As we progressed through the building we came across a very large inter sign stating "CITY". I asked Eli to hang from the sign as it was kind of a fun pose that worked well with the interting background. Unfortunalty, I couldn't get the entire sign into my shot so altough the effect wasnt quite what I wanted the shot still turned out well.

Right when I layed my eyes on this wall I knew it could provide some fun flair to a serious pose. Once again I asked Noah to model despite him being a little camera shy. 

I really love Minneapolis and definitly need to explore more with photography in mind. I've never really realized how far ones creativity can go even with just shooting and editing with an iPhone.


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