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Jonathan Marques

Photographer, Retoucher and Wannabe Designer



Adventure Time

Hi guys!

So I am fairly new to Illustrator. I am a long time Photoshop user and knew the basic concepts, but I have finally decided to get into it and expand my portfolio and experience. So for this project I have selected something I think is not to simple or complicated and which I am a fan of: Adventure Time! :)

This poster was created by a deviantArt user (FantasySystem) and immediately caught my eye. So I will keep you guys updated on it as I go and in the future don't hesitate to look at what I will come up with on my website (


So this is what I have got to on day 1:

Started by creating the background. Haven't spent to much time on it yet, and still adjusting to alot of the tools, but after the first couple of videos I say not bad.




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