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Adventure Time Lettering

Update 3/23/14:

I ended up adding shadows and gradients to give the letter forms more volume, if you will. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, especially the colors, since that was one of my main concerns early on. Check out the full version on my tumblr here!

Update 3/20/14:

Inked and made some fixes in photoshop. I'm fooling around with layer masks trying to figure out how to do the colors. I still think it's a bit lacking in dimension...

Adventure Time is pretty much my absolute favorite show. And Gunter is one of my favorite characters—allegedly the most evil being in Ooo (according to Marcelen's dad), Ice King's right hand man, completely lovable and yet tragically unloved (by her master).

In the episide "I Remember You", Ice King sang a cover of Marceline's Fry song to Gunter, changing the lyrics to refer to Gunter instead of the song's original intention. My favorite moment was when Ice King sang "Gunter, do you even love me?" and then telling him it was a rhetorical question when Gunter got all teary-eyed. So I decided to make that my lettering project.

Here's the preliminary sketch. You'll notice there are areas that are uneven, but I'm considering just fixing those in illustrator.


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