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Adventure Cupcakes

Hey there, My name is Will and I'm a Illustrator / Designer.   About me?, I'm always looking to improve my craft...  yeah.

For this shirt, I'm thinking of a 'what if' collaboration of Johnny Cupcakes and Cartoon Network (specifically Adventure Time).  Inspiration comes from their (Cupcakes) bold colors and previous tie-ins with other cartoon shows.

I picked Adventure Time for the colors, humor, simplistic character design and just because I'm a fan.

As for the actual T-shirt - Its still up in the air where it will go.  

Not sure if it should be more of an illustration or typography focused design yet.  Thoughts?

2. Sketching

All right!  Here are three ideas for the basic layout and such.

1)  A cupcake made out of an old scroll (w/ JC scribed on it) crossed by the shows two iconic swords

2) I've referenced the zombie episodes - for style: retro movie poster 

3)  P and J fighting off a evil cupcake (JC is made from the stretched dog)

Please let me know what y'all think - what style? not clever? not bakery related enough?  start over?


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