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Adventure Awaits Project

Round 1 (3/28/16): First pass of my class project! Going to set it aside somewhere where I can look at it often before coming back to make any tweaks or to just commit and go for the gusto. Homework calls.



Round 2 (3/31/16):

Decided to just go for it today. I don't much care for the brush pen that I have (ZIG brand Scroll & Brush) as I feel like it's too firm and not thick enough for my liking. Also, the tip isn't exactly pointy, and fine lines are very difficult to achieve. I likely could get there with practice... or maybe by giving the somewhat frayed end a snip with scissors. No matter, I went ahead regardless.

For a light box, I had originally considered just taping my work to the window and doing it that way, but instead ended up going off of an idea I got from another skillshare video that turned up in my news feed (it was about embossing). I set my iPad as bright as it would go and put a white image on the screen, then set a piece of 8x10 picture frame glass overtop and used that (see pictures below). I felt pretty clever and it worked quite well.


Makeshift light box.


Good enough for me!


Not bad. :)  I would definitely try this again with a different pen.


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