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Accelerate your adventure trip research and planning. Discover the most experienced and best user-reviewed expedition guides, instructors and adventure companies.


1. Travellers

As an adventure traveller, I want an adventure travel website:

  • where I can find traveller reviews for adventure guides and tour operators
  • where I can see the adventure guides that each tour operator employs so I can request the right adventure guide for me
  • where I can see the certifications, credentials, education, experience, spoken languages and expertise of adventure guides
  • that shows me all the places that tour operators run expeditions, not just their mailing address!
  • where I can write traveller reviews and ratings for the adventure guide and tour operator that I used

2. Guides and Instructors

As an adventure guide or instructor, I want an adventure travel website where: 

  • I can market and grow my professional brand
  • I can have my own profile page where I can display my certifications, credentials, education, experience, spoken languages and expertise
  • adventure travellers that I have guided can leave reviews and ratings of my performance on my Adventourist profile
  • I can upload photos, videos, text and other media from my past adventures
  • I can (de)link my profile page to different tour operators if I change employers

3. Tour Operator

As a tour operator, I want an adventure travel website where:

  • we can promote the quality, expertise and diversity of our adventure guides as a competitive advantage and to market higher value guided trips 
  • we can link our profile page to the profile pages of our adventure guides
  • we can see adventure traveller reviews of our guides to track performance 
  • we can recruit talented guides based on their credentials and adventure traveller reviews and rating


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