Adventour - student project

I am an international student currently living in Osaka, Japan. I like to discover new places and events in Osaka and other nearby cities. Lately friends and relatives who visit Japan ask me to tour them to places that usual tour agents won't offer, take them to cultural/seasonal events, etc. In short, tourists seem to be attracted not only to the popular tourism sites, but also to other local places and cultural manifestations. And the only people who wholly know the situation and context of a place are those who live in it. 

I am thinking to make a website (I`m currently making one on wix) that can connect tourists with tour guides that live in the area of destination. Anyone can go anywhere with a local tour guide and visit places/events that are subject of their interests, and anyone who live anywhere in this world can be a tour guide in their own area. So there are 2 kinds of users for my website: tourists and tourguides. This website, which I name Natour, is a tourist-tourguide matchmaker.

I`m dividing the tourism services that can be offered into 4 categories (but I`m still working on this and thinking this over):

1. Landscape and culinary tour
2. Education and cultural tour
3. Ecotour
4. Femme tour (for female tour guide and female tourists)


1. Describe your startup idea in 2-3 sentences

  • Elevator Pitch: Adventour is a matchmaking site for tourists and tour guides.
  • X for Y: Skillshare for Tours

2. Identify the biggest holes in your startup idea (top 3)

  • Customers might not really need this service
  • Reliability of the local tour guide
  • Language barrier between tourists and tour guides

3. MVP Solution (that solves your top problem)

  • FB page  'Japan Tourism: Osaka' that promotes tourism in Osaka (by posting and offers local tourism service (my friends and I are the local tour guides) to introduce the concept and  figure out whether potential customers are interested. 
  • Adventour's webpage (and then test with GoogleAdWords)

4. Create an Actionable Plan .

  • First success metric: first 100 likes in FB page
  • Goal: 100 first registered users in website
  • Solution to hit the goal: Invite friends and friends of friends to like the page and take a look at the website.
  • Week-long experiment:
    Daily updates on the page and website
    Use GoogleAdWords to do cohort testing on the website

FB Page: (in progress)

Webpage: (in progress)