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Advanced Techniques in Pattern Design

Hey Everyone, 

I'm a graphic designer and brand manager who recently decided to dive into pattern design. It combines my love of color, texture, illustration and interior design (so who could ask for more, right?). I'm pretty comfortable with illustrator but it's always nice to relearn tips and tricks. I've decided to do a collection based on a trip I took to Big Sur in the fall. Hoping to get sketches up this weekend (12/2)!

The pattern above is something I recently designed for my instagram @objectsinpatterns. I try to design a pattern a day (and some work out much better than others..;)

I started by sketching in marker (Tombow-my favorite) and then used the Adobe Capture app to vectorize my sketches. The app definitely has its limitations, however it worked better than I expected! I may try scanning a few of them in when I'm back in the office this week. No idea how I'm going to pull this together yet. I also included a screenshot of the color palette I'm building. I'm being kind of indecisive about which colors to use since I love them all. The pelican photo is a free use image I'm going to use for reference since I didn't get any good shots of pelicans while in CA and I'm 100% sure I won't find a pelican in Chicago. 





Here's my geometric pattern (a work in progress) in a few colorways. 






And smaller scale:



Here are my diagonal patterns. This was a bit difficult and I found that I was really able to see the repeat when I completed the pattern. I went back in and moved a few elements around, but I'm still playing with it. Also doing a version that is filled in!





Filled in version. Still working through some small issues, but loving the process!



Zoomed in a bit and a different colorway



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