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Advanced Sleep Medicine Services Logo

I'm updating the marketing stragegy for  Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, including a website redesign and new sales materials, so the first step is to desgin a new logo. The original logo was designed many years ago to imitate (rip-off) an existing logo from the leading professional association for this field of medicine. I don't have any leverage to change our name, but I'm looking to make it sleek, modern and easy to replicate (print, online, etc).

Here's the current logo:

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services has sleep centers across southern CA for diagnosing sleep disorders. We don't employ physicians, but perform studies for their intepretation. We also provide equipment for treating sleep apnea (CPAP).

We'd like to be seen as more confortable and less clinical. More as an educational resource for all things related to sleep and health, rather than just complicated sleep studies.

Here are some sketches after watching the first lecture of this class:


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