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Hi! After some technical issues, I figured out how to make the pattern repeat. Here are some photos of my process along the way and Inspiration.

I was mostly inspired by things I found in my yard, though I also drew the driftwood shapes and the butterflies freehand in illustrator. 

Here's my mood board:


And here's what my workspace looked like after tracing some things from the photos I took and adding some freehand elements:


Here's what the finished pattern block looked like (I went through a process outlined in Elizabeth Olwen's class to delete eerything outside the border of the box after I had trouble using the methods in this class).


Next, I tested out my pattern in a larger sheet:


Then, I tested out different color combinations using the recolor artwork tool. 



I came up with my three favorite color combos:


That's it! I am excited to continue developing my Adobe Illustrator skills (this is the first time I had used the program so there was quite a learning curve and I had a difficult time with it), and I also look forward to continuing to explore my love for patterns by enrolling in the second class in this series. 

Thanks so much!


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