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Adrienne Limón

I know this project is supposed to be for a store, but I did the branding identity for myself. I am currently in a senior portfolio class at Virginia Commonwealth University, and this skillshare video helped me a lot for our branding identity project.
I am Adrienne Limón, illustrator and designer. I did a few exercises of my own to get my thoughts going about who I am as an artist. First I did a purge paper (not posting that) of my own personal, explicit and unedited story. It was in a sort of stream of consciousness style. From there, I made a list of things I love and loathe, drew some comparisons and figured out some things about my character I didn't know. I love complexity, and uniqueness. I also love telling people's stories and experience through portraiture. I love travel and learning new things and languages. At this point, I was read to start my mission statement. I won't go through the whole process, but the end product is as follows: 

Through her art, Adrienne aims to challenge the norms that the rest of us find comfortable. Everyone has a unique story that art can carry across boundaries of culture, language, geography, gender, and background. It is through art that we can explore the internal conflicts of people not like ourselves, challenging our perspectives and awareness of our fellow human beings.

Onto the logo!!! 
I ideated for a several pages, getting out all the bad ideas in the process. 








I have never really worked with hand type save for a few projects, so I experimented a bunch. I probably could have kept pushing even further, but I found some forms I really liked pretty quickly. I traced those with ink and scanned them in the computer to mess around with placement.



I added a few flourishes and experimented with placement of the L, which I then added some twistys so that it connected with the A. I added another flourish that holds an accent lime over the O. 
Overall this style reflects my work a lot, which is filled with complexity, femininity and symbolism.


I really love love the final logo. I find that it serves well to identify my work and style. This was a fun project and also served to be very useful to me.


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