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Adria Kaufman

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Adria on Big Cartel

Here is the beginning of my Big Cartel shop. I've got a ways to go yet as I'm still working on product photography and how that should feel. But, I've got a start with the name and logo and a slideshow for the homepage of my site. I decided to just use my name as my brand name because I create multiple types of products, art prints, screen printed t-shirts, macrame, and I may add my letterpress prints to the mix yet but I haven't decided on that. I create through so many types of media that I really just want this to be a space where I can share these 3 (maybe 4) categories of items. Which leads to the concept for the logo. It's my hand and all that it offers. I feel the need to make things and offer them up to help make this sometimes horrid world a little more beautiful. 

Here is the slideshow on my homepage and the start to an 'about' page. 


I'm still working on my 'about' page. This little blurb is sort of placeholder text for now while I write a brand story that goes a little deeper and hopefully expresses more meaning and intent behind my offerings. Thanks for checking it out!


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