Adria on Big Cartel

Adria on Big Cartel - student project

Here is the beginning of my Big Cartel shop. I've got a ways to go yet as I'm still working on product photography and how that should feel. But, I've got a start with the name and logo and a slideshow for the homepage of my site. I decided to just use my name as my brand name because I create multiple types of products, art prints, screen printed t-shirts, macrame, and I may add my letterpress prints to the mix yet but I haven't decided on that. I create through so many types of media that I really just want this to be a space where I can share these 3 (maybe 4) categories of items. Which leads to the concept for the logo. It's my hand and all that it offers. I feel the need to make things and offer them up to help make this sometimes horrid world a little more beautiful. 

Here is the slideshow on my homepage and the start to an 'about' page. 

Adria on Big Cartel - image 1 - student projectAdria on Big Cartel - image 2 - student projectAdria on Big Cartel - image 3 - student projectAdria on Big Cartel - image 4 - student projectAdria on Big Cartel - image 5 - student project

I'm still working on my 'about' page. This little blurb is sort of placeholder text for now while I write a brand story that goes a little deeper and hopefully expresses more meaning and intent behind my offerings. Thanks for checking it out!

Adria Kaufman
Graphic Designer and Illustrator