Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

I've spent a lot of time this past year and a half reading fitness, health, and running blogs. I've downloaded more exercise apps than I can recall. I've very timidly made a few attempts at starting to get myself healthier and fit. (I'm naturally thin, so people think I'm fit. I have never been fit. Ever.)

I plan to institute a sort of gold-star program for myself. I think that each week or two weeks I will institute another part of the plan.

-drink more water. Lots more water. My mom gave me several bangle bracelets a few years ago with the idea that for every 8oz of water I drink a day, I move one bangle to the opposite wrist so I can easily track my intake. Brilliant. Ignored? Guilty as charged.
-jogging everyday, 6 days a week. I know people are supposed to start off slow, but I know that I won't keep it up if I don't do it every day. Two days I began a C210K program. 
-yoga three days a week. I will have to decide what time of day.
-eat more fruits and veges. It's not that I don't like them. I'm just lazy and forget about them.
-climb all 16 flights of stairs in my building, twice in one go, two or three times a week. It's really not so hard once I do it, and it always surprises me how little time it takes. 

There are probably many more things I can do towards changing to a healthier lifestyle. I have a few ideas, and it's a matter of one step at a time.

Good luck everyone in your own goals! 


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