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Adobe Photoshop: How to layer blending modes like a PRO

If there is one thing about photography I love just as much as the actually shooting, it is the post processing. This is where your work shines and you are able to discover your unique style. In this class, I will cover some basic functions of the various blending modes featured in Adobe Photoshop. I will demonstrate how layering multiple blending modes on a single image can change the overall mood and style of a photograph. I will then demonstrate how to merge photos together successfully using one of my favorite blending modes.

Whether you prefer editing a single image or layering multiple photos together to create something more complex, your project for this class will allow you to learn a simple way of editing using the power of blending modes. Use the sample images provided for you in the projects section of the course or use your own images. The idea is to practice and find a style that speaks to you.

Let your photos tell a story of their own.

See you soon.


Here is the link for my Adobe Photoshop blend modes outline:


I had a hard time with creating the video for the intro but I am liking the challenge so far. I got the free trial of Camtasia so the video shows a watermark but this is just a sample of what I plan on doing. Another problem I had was trying to find a quiet place to actually screencast, does anyone have any suggestions for places or ways they have solved this problem? There is just way too many distractions and noise where I live. Thanks and good luck everyone. Below is a link to my intro video on google drive.


SO, EXCITED!!! My class is now published. Click below...

Layer Blend Modes like a PRO


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