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Adobe Illustrator: Using the Transparency Panel

Just published my first class! You can join here :) Come join me in some useful illustrator practice and review me so I can hear your feedback!

Class Title: Adobe Illustrator: Using the Transparency Panel


Need a quick, simple way to manipulate images in Illustrator instead of Photoshop? Interested in exploring layered vector illustrations on top of beautiful photography? You want to get to know transparencies!

In this class, students will learn how to get cozy with the transparency panel in Adobe Illustrator! You will learn how to navigate the panel, how each blending mode works and how it will effect your work, how to layer transparent objects, and how to use the mask feature to create interesting textures and reflections. Ideally students will already have a very general or basic knowledge of how to navigate Illustrator, but beginners can benefit from this course just as much!

The transparency panel contains an array of blending tools to enhance your design work! It took me a while to start to explore and correctly utilize transparency settings, so my goal is to make it more simple and approachable for curious designers and illustrators. Can't wait to get started!

Project Title: Creating a Postcard with Transparencies

Project Description:

Project: Part 1

Please utilize a photo of your choosing in a 4"x6" postcard layout, it is up to you to choose landscape or portrait orientation! Create illustrations and shapes to layer on top of this image to alter it's appearance by using blending modes. These shapes can cover the entire image, enhance certain features, or add a graphic pop to the overall layout. Have fun with your blending modes and please specify which ones you decided to use and why.

Project: Part 2

Use masks to create a type element with a texture applied to it (Optional: Use the masking tool to create a reflection of this type element). Add this lettering back into your original postcard layout to create a strong statement that compliments the image, as well as the illustrational elements you have placed.

Have fun with this everyone, I can't wait to see your finished postcards!

Class Outline:

Intro Video:

I would love any and all constructive feedback! Thanks so much everyone! 


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