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Brigitta Nagy

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Admiral Octopus


**** UPDATE ***

I did a digital concept art workshop that stressed the importance of doing value studies of your character in B&W and creating your shading and textures BEFORE you start working with color palettes. I ended up revisiting my linework and original Illustrator-into-Photoshop files for this fellow to recolor, so I could focus on the process rather than get sidetracked (read: 'creative paralysis') with creating somebody new. I figured I should share it here, too, so you can see the difference that three years makes!


Hi everyone!

I realize I'm late to the party compared to so many of you, but I'm very excited to be here. I was just thinking about trying to create a pirate character girl - maybe who searches for treasure in the form of colorful sweets? - a couple weeks ago, so am really looking forward to following through on that idea. I'm a big fan of Ted Naifeh's 'Polly and the Pirates', but I'm trying to NOT look at it right now in case it over-influences me ;)


I love Pintrest for organizing inspiration and moodboards! You can see what I have thus far at:

The inspiration board for this class is "Mariners and Merfolk".


After doing some rough sketches of a cast of characters, I chose one to progress through the rest of the lessons with. (I'll get easily sidetracked coming up with new stories and characters instead of following through with any one of them haha), so here's Admiral Octopus. He's not really an admiral, but he sure likes to pretend! He feels important when he's shouting orders to his crew of goofy seagulls, though it wakes up the little starfish who adorns his hat...


Now that I'm bringing him into Illustrator, I realize that there are a lot of squiggly shapes to master with the pen tool, so that step might take a little longer than I want it to. ;)

Illustrator Foundation Shapes

Here he is with his basic shapes in Illustrator (I pulled the sketch over to the side so you can compare). If you ever want to get more practice with the pen tool, draw a whole bunch of octopus legs! 



Photoshop Rendering

I smashed all the rendering steps into this one image and I'm calling it "done" but I still want to play with the background and maybe do some color changing. I like him though! 





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