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Ademata - Develop a Brand to a Local Development Agency

Ademata is the result of collective work of leaders in nine cities in Minas Gerais, Brazil. These cities deal primarily with rural activities and are seeing in many of them, the change of the industrial sector to the services market and comerce.

So the brand Ademata should avoid a specific area of economy and focus on how cities can together achieve more social and economic development.

My earliest references were local development projects (not necessarily economic) that integrate people towards the place where they live. Some projects valuing territorial helped me a lot and are in the mood board below.


After that, I created the first version of the brand. With the Roboto font, which is free and has a range of weights that would be interesting for future design programs and compass card, which can also function as an asterisk, endorsing the activities undertaken in the project noninvasively way.

Below you could see the evolution of the symbol, the palette and the first brand with some aplication.


I presented the brand with a competitor that has created a typography for the project, based on the many hills that exist in the region. After the client has asked that his brand was mixed with I created, and the result is shown below.

The Final Brand

Update:  Thanks Rachel Woolard, because of you I had an insight to create the graphic language. Based on topographical maps that reflect the region well we met I could make a piece that also mixes a photo, which I found on the internet (and I do not have the right to use, but I will not use the customer's parts) and it shows the complication of the material so consistently well.

Below you could see the typography, colors and graphic language in the brand colors and aplyed to a poster.

Awaiting feedback from you guys!


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