Adele's Keywords

Adele's Keywords - student project

Hi Victoria! 

I really enjoyed your class.  Thanks so much for sharing your tips and experience.  Here are my metadata samples.  I usually deal with underwater footage so I've included three different but subject-similar clips so that I can get your opinion on how I've varied the keywords.

I look forward to putting all this new knowledge to good use with my BlackBox work!




Clip #1

Adele's Keywords - image 1 - student project

Description:  Scuba instructor winds up surface marker buoy at the end of a scuba dive.

Keywords:  scuba instructor, scuba diving, scuba, surface marker buoy, dive, surface, ascending, safety, light rays, Thailand, Koh Tao, Handheld, slow motion, slowmo, slomo, slow, eco tourism, travel destinations, vacations, bright, sunshine, sunlight, copy space, copyspace,


Clip #2

Adele's Keywords - image 2 - student project

Description:  Two scuba divers explore an underwater rock wall in the Gulf of Thailand.

Keywords:  scuba divers, scuba, scuba diving, explore, underwater, rock wall, Koh Tao, Thailand, vacation activity, dive site, self contained underwater breathing apparatus, swimming, fins, underwater sports, sport, bubbles, blue water, rock wall, divers, underwater diving, equipment, gear, PADI, SSI, scuba instructor,


Clip #3

Adele's Keywords - image 3 - student project

Description:  Sidemount diver clears his mask while descending on a busy dive site.

Keywords:  sidemount diver, sidemount, mask clear, descending, busy, bubbles, dive site, Thailand, Koh Tao, sidemount diving, swimming, scuba tanks, technical diving, tech diving, scuba mask, diving mask, scuba skill, basic scuba skills, equipment, gear, solo diver, scuba travel, extreme sports, handheld,