Adele - student project

Hi! I must admit I had a hard time trying to make something creative yet similar to the plenty of references I've choose to work with. Moreover, I struggled with self-doubt and reluctance to work with unrelated elements in the composition, so, after a long process of art block and a first frustrating collage project, I'm very glad to submit the project I've made starring my favourite singer, Adele.

As you can see, having I a strong leaning to minimalism and yet starting to experiment with more complex compositions, I've worked with parsimony regarding the number of cutted-out elements. Instead of using plenty of them, I've choose to work with simple geometric forms to stablish the overall aspect of the collage.


Adele - image 1 - student project


I would be very glad -- and it would be very helpful to have such feedback -- to know what you think of the project and in what I could improve, particularly in regard to composition/layout.

Thank you very much!


As recommended by Marcos, I've tried to reduce the contrast of the vinyl disk to make it look more integrated with Adele and to call less attention in the layout. Since it's a pitch black object in real life, I intented to not give it a too greyish look, so the change is rather subtle:

Adele - image 2 - student project

Thank you again for your attention!