Addressing trigger spots

Addressing trigger spots - student project

I am a student and often have trouble remaining organized. I find that while writing and researching, there are many things that I need to access at different points. Some of these items have to be referenced multiple times a week without a predictable pattern. For this reason, I often get overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization and find it hard to put things away that I will need later or the next day. This class helped me to take the time to consider an organization strategy that minimizes the areas that will be influx. Something simple like placing all of the books on different shelfs (4) respective of whether: I have already consulted them and they are helpful or unhelpful; and for the books that I haven't consulted,
but need to read sooner versus later. In this way, I know where to look immediately when beginning to work. The before is the cover photo and below is the in-progress system.Addressing trigger spots - image 1 - student project