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Adding a Culinary Class & Updating 2nd Project


Project Title: Low Carb Foods - Enjoy Easy Healthy Foods

Project Description:

Cook healthy but cook something anyone in your family enjoys! The Low Carb Kitchen can be really tasty if you have the right recipes: family-friendly, on-budget and easily done - that's all you can ask for. 

You will enjoy these Low Carb instructions exactly because they are super easy to make and nobody from your family will complain about your food.

Class Project Description: 

The class project is easy! Pick a recipe of your choice and try it. Take a picture of your meal and post it in the project gallery.

Did you like it? Did you change something? Tell us about your experience and let us know if you exchanged some ingredients or added more spices.

Here is the Link to the Introduction Video:

Do I need to post anything else?


Pinterest Course

Here is the link to my class outline:

Here is the link to the class title and description:

Project Title: Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

Project description: 

Pinterest for Beginners

Pinterest is definitely one of the best places to go when you need some inspiration for your next project. 

Bloggers often post their projects and content there to get attention for their sites and connect with one and another. You can do what they can - post your own content there and also find followers and then fans for your own projects.

Once they figured that you have great boards you'll easily find raving fans!

Pinterest is a great way to spread your content and increase your following because when you pin on a consistent base you can easily find raving fans.

In this course we have a look at the basics and also develop a content strategy for your own content. When you are a beginner for Pinterest Marketing this class is yours!

Project Title and description:

Project Title: Get started with Pinterest

Project Description:

Create your Pinterest Account and start filling it with your pins. Also, find other Pinners with similar interests. Once you gained a few followers and created your own boards post a screenshot of your account here.

1. Register for Pinterest

2. Fill out your Profile and add your Website

3. Add a few of your own Pins

4. Find boards that suit your interest and start following the boards

5. Start following some Pinners

6. Comment under a few Pins of your interest

7. Make a screenshot and post it here :D

Link to the Introduction Video:


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